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Play Paintball
Come to Combat Pursuit Indoor Paintball Arena to experience the fun and excitement that only paintball has to offer, along with the quality and professionalism that our customers have come to expect from Combat Pursuit. At Combat Pursuit everyone can play. We offer separate games for beginner and advanced players.

Our Indoor Paintball Facility is the only one of its kind in the Toronto area. This is the only Indoor Paintball Arena in Toronto that was built from the ground up for paintball. Combat Pursuit is made up of one large paintball arena in which the field layouts have been designed to provide the Ultimate Indoor Paintball experience. Players are challenged with a variety of objectives and game formats.

Our friendly and experienced staff are able to assist players of every experience level and playing style. We cater to both recreational play as well as tournament format. Organized Groups or Walk ins always welcome equipment is limited so reservations are recommended.

Group Events
Combat Pursuit Indoor Paintball Arena is a great destination for group events. Combat Pursuit is able to host a variety of group functions such as family outings, birthday parties, bachelor & team parties, church groups and corporate outings. Private groups are available when you make an advance reservation for 30 or more rental packages. We offer special incentives for large groups and organizers so be sure to ask about them. Play with people with the same experience level. We never mix the “Pros” with beginners. To Organize a game decide on a date and give us a call. For your convenience our reservations department is open Monday through Friday 12pm to 9pm year round. 416-284-0746 x 72 or email them .

$25 (Gun, Mask, 100 Paintballs, 2 hrs) $25 (Gun, Mask, 100 Paintballs, 2 hrs) $25 (Gun, Mask, 100 Paintballs, 2 hrs) $25 (Gun, Mask, 100 Paintballs, 2 hrs)
Entry & Rental
Gun Owner Entry $15.00 (includes 100 shots)  Gun Owner Combat Package  $40.00 (includes 500 shots)
Open Class Fee $40.00  Super Saver (Owners only)  $70.90 (Incl Entry, Air and 2000)
Rental Package & Entry $30.00 (Gun, Mask, 100 shots)  Rental Combat Package  $40.00 (Gun, Mask, 300 shots)
Coveralls $5.75 Sniper Barrel $ 5.00
Body Armor $5.00 Combat Rifle $10.00
Neck Armor $2.00 Combat Sniper Rifle $15.00
Paintballs, HPA & CO2
100 shots $ 7.96 HPA (per 1000PSI) $ 1.50
500 shots $ 39.82 HPA (Airband) $Free for registered players
1000 shots $ 79.65 CO2 Small (up to 12oz) $ 4.50
2000 shots $159.20 CO2 Large (13oz to 20oz) $ 7.50

Equipment Rental Requirement

In order to rent equipment you will be required to have a valid Visa or Master Card and leave a signed imprint as collateral for the rental equipment.  One Imprint can be used for more than one persons equipment rental.  The imprint will be returned to you when all the equipment is returned in good condition.  Alternatively you can leave a cash deposit for the equipment you are renting.


Weekly Schedule


3765 North Road
Pickering, ON L0H1J0
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Tactical Paintball
If sneaking around and sniping your opponent sounds like your idea of fun then this is the format for you. Large houses and obstacles are set up on the field which are ideal for hiding and sneaking around. The lights are dimmed to add to the chaos of the game. Games tend to last a little longer but can be just as intense.

Speed Ball
Fast and Furious. This is the format that is most commonly used in Competitions.  Field is well lit with small obstacles and bunkers which makes it difficult to hide from opposing team. Players can see each other from the start of the game which makes for a very fast and intense game.

 Which game is right for you?  See the difference in this video.

Indoor Paintball action.