Summer Paintball

Summer Boredom got you down?

Extended Summer Paintball Hours

Extended Summer Paintball Hours

Shoot Your Friends during the week!

We have been taking so many phone calls about weekday hours we decided to extend our operating hours during the summer months.


Thursday June 27 to Sunday September 1 2019

Day PaintBall AirSoft MicroBall
Thursday 11am to 4pm
Friday      11am to 4pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday    10am to 5pm

Looking for a time outside of our regular hours not a problem we have options available.  Give our reservation experts a call at 905-837-9494 and they can find a time slot that works best for your group.



 Rental Packages
   Renter Basic $30.00  Rifle, Mask, 100 Shots, 3 Hours
   Renter Recon $40.00  Rifle, Mask, 200 Shots, 3 Hours & Uniform
   Renter Commando $60.00  Rifle, Mask, 500 Shots, 3 Hours & Uniform
 Owner Packages
   Gun Owner Basic $30.00 Entry, Air, 200 Shots, Play all day
   Gun Owner Recon $40.00 Entry, Air, 500 Shots, Play all day
   Gun Owner Commando $60.00 Entry, Air, 1000 Shots, Play all day
   Gun Owner Super Saver $79.65 Entry, Air, 2000 Shots, Play all day



  Camo Top (Pre-Order) $ 3.00   Sniper Barrel $ 5.00
  Camo Pants (Pre-Order) $ 3.00   Combat Rifle $15.00
  Uniform $ 5.75   Heavy Gunner $25.00
  Body Armour (Pre-Order) $ 5.00   Smoke Grenade $12.00
  Neck Armour (Pre-Order) $ 2.00   Paint Grenade $10.00


HPA and CO2

  100 Paintballs $ 8.85   HPA (per 1000psi) $ FREE
  500 Paintballs $35.40
  2000 Paintballs $115.04



3765 North Rd. Pickering, ON L0H1J0