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Play Paintball Get out with some friends this weekend.  Enjoy the Fresh Air, Feel the grass beneath your feet and the wind blowing through your hair.  Take a walk in the woods with your buddies …… and Shoot them! Come to Combat Pursuit Paintball Park to experience the fun and excitement that only Combat Sports have to offer, along with the quality and professionalism that our customers have come to expect from Combat Pursuit.  At Combat Pursuit everyone can play.  We offer separate games for beginner and advanced players. Combat Pursuit is made up of multiple unique playing fields designed to provide the Ultimate outdoor paintball experience.  Players are challenged with a variety of objectives and game formats.  Our diverse terrain will test the skills of every experience level and playing style.  Organized Groups or Walk ons always welcome but equipment is limited so reservations are recommended.
Paintball Corporate
Group Events Combat Pursuit is able to host a variety of group functions such as family outings, birthday parties, bachelor & team parties, church groups and corporate outings.  Private groups are available when you make an advance reservation for 30 or more rental packages.  We offer special incentives for large groups and organizers so be sure to ask about them.  Play with people with the same experience level.  We never mix the “Pros” with beginners. To organize a game simply decide on a date and give us a call. For your convenience our reservations department is open Monday through Friday 10am to 9pm year round. 905-837-9494 or email us



 Rental Packages
   Renter Basic $40.00  Rifle, Mask, 100 Shots, 3 Hours
   Renter Recon $60.00  Rifle, Mask, 500 Shots, 3 Hours
   Renter Commando $70.00  Rifle, Mask, 500 Shots, 3 Hours & Camo Top &  Ammo Harness
 Owner Packages
   Gun Owner Basic $40.00 Entry, Air, Play all day, 200 shots
   Gun Owner Recon $50.00 Entry, Air, Play all day, 500 shots
   Gun Owner Commando $70.00 Entry, Air, Play all day, 1000 shots
   Gun Owner Super Saver $100.00 Entry, Air, Play all day, 2000 shots




  Uniform (Camo Top) $ 5.00   Sniper Barrel $ 5.00
  Coveralls $ 8.00   Combat Rifle $15.00
  Body Armour $ 5.00   Combat Sniper Rifle $20.00
  Neck Armour $ 2.00   Heavy Gunner (Cyclone Power) $25.00
  Ammo Harness $14.00   Thermal Vision $10.00


  100 Paintballs $ 10.00   Smoke Grenade $12.00
  500 Paintballs $ 40.00   Paint Grenade $12.00
  2000 Paintballs $140.00   HPA (per 1000psi) Free w Entry


Equipment Rental Requirement

A valid Credit Card is required for all equipment rentals. You will have to give your card information to the equipment staff when you pick up your rental equipment. Your Info will be returned to you when the equipment is returned in good condition. You will be charged for lost or damaged equipment at the rates posted.  Alternatively a cash deposit can be left.



Days: Every Saturday & Sunday starting Mid March through Mid November.  

Bookings Times: 10am to 5pm   
Walk-Ins Times: 11am to 4pm (Call in advance to ensure we are accepting walk-ins)   
Other days and times available upon request call for details.



Phone: 905-837-9494



3765 North Road
Pickering, ON L0H1J0