Group Packages

Organizing an event or party?  Microball or Paintball is a great activity.  There are different Packages to choose from to meet all of your needs.


10 Players getting the Basic Package $375.00

As the name states this package includes all the essentials to play Paintball.   Booking for 10 players, is just like coffee, the tenth one is free!

This package includes:

– 10 participants entry

– Gun and Mask rental

– 1000 shots for the Group to Share


10 Player getting the Recon Package $575.00

The Recon Package is already a good deal, but booking for 10 or more players makes it even better, like free toppings on your pizza.

This includes the following:

– Entry for up to 10 players

– Gun and Mask rental for up to 10 players

– 5000 shots for the group to share


10 Players getting the Commando Package $675.00

The Commando already is the best deal we offer.  Booking for 10 players is like, going out for dinner and getting your drinks tab covered by the manager.

This includes the following:

– Entry for 10 participants

– Uniform, Gun, Mask and Ammo Belt rental for 10 players.

– 5000 shots for the group to share


Have more than 10 people in your group?  No problem.  Additional players can be added to any of the Group Packages for an additional fee.  Each additional player will receive the exact same items as everyone else in the group at the same price per person.


To qualify for these deals you must book ahead of time and pay in full.

or Call for immediate service Monday – Friday 10am-9pm, Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 12pm-6pm