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Private Event Package

Wales Private School

International students taking a break from their studies with some Paintball Stress release.

Combat Pursuit is a great place to have your party or just get together with friends for the excitement of Paintball.  Private bookings are available when you make a reservation for using this package.  Although the package is based on 30+ players Smaller groups can still be private when you book this package.  Private bookings will not have other people mixed in with your group so you do not have to worry about having to play with the “Pros”.


Paintball Team uses the cover of a smoke grenade to coordinate a push up the left tape.

Private Group Pricing

All of the above game formats are available in our Private Group package.  The cost of the package is $1200.  This includes the following:

  • Up to 30 participants entries
  • Up to 30 Basic Rental Packages (Gun, Mask, Unlimited Air)
  • 3 hours of play
  • 4000 Shots for the group to share
  • Dedicated staff member is assigned to your group.

Additional players can be added at a cost of $40 each.  Each additional player will contribute 100 shots to the group.

Team work is essential to winning a paintball battle. “Cover me I am going for the flag”



  Uniform (Camo top) $ 5.00   Thermal Vision (Fog Free Vision) $10.00
  Coveralls (One Piece Jump Suit) $ 8.00   Sniper Barrel $5.00
  Body Armour $ 5.00
  Neck Armour $ 2.00



  100 Shots $ 10   Smoke Grenade $ 12.00
  500 Shots $ 40   Paint Grenade $ 12.00
  2000 Shots $140


Everyone is geared up and ready for action. Staff will provide your entire group with instructions on Safety, Equipment operation and Game rules.


Advanced reservations are required for all Private Group packages.  Private bookings are ideal for larger functions like family get together, school trips and church outings.

Be sure to specify which format of play you want:

Paintball Ages 10+ this is paintball as it has been enjoyed for decades and played by millions.  Simply one of the most exciting / adrenaline packed games ever invented.

Microball Ages 8+ (Rentals only).  All of the fun and excitement of paintball without the sting.  Equipment has been specifically designed to maintain the best parts of the game while making everything smaller and lighter.  One of the major benefits of this format is the elimination of most of the sting of being marked.


To organize your event decide on a date and give us a call.  For your convenience our reservations specialist are to answer questions and make your booking Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm year round. 905-837-9494 or email them at

Working the tape with the crew. Paintball is fun for everyone.