BYOP Bring Your Own Paintballs


Bring Your Own Paintballs

Minion Paintballer

You asked and we listened.  We know how important it is to you to be able to shoot your favorite brand of Paint.  Simply we can’t have every brand at the field to please everyone feel free to choose your favorite paint and head out on Sundays to Shoot Your Friends.  BYOP is a means of making the game more affordable to people who play paintball regularly we offer them the option to play in the Open Class Division.  Players must own all of their equipment.

This division is typically VERY INTENSE and is only recommend for experienced players.

Some of the other key differences include:

  • The 10 foot mercy rule is NOT imposed in this division
  • All firing modes are allowed with a 10.5 BPS cap. (Always check with the counter on firing modes)
  • Players typically go through 500 paintballs in a single game.


BYOP is permitted at Combat Pursuit with the following conditions:

  • $30.97 is the cost of doing BYOP.  This covers you for Owner Entry, Open Class Fee & Compressed Air Fill.
  • Available Sunday 11:00am – Close (Typically 5pm)
  • Allowed brands are: Valken, GI Sports, Empire, and Nelson.
  • All paint fill must be either White or Yellow.
  • All paint must be in boxes so that brands can be verified.
  • All paint must be approved by staff at sign-in. Staff reserves the right to reject any brand for any reason.
  • All paint must pass a break test meaning it cannot be too hard.
  • All paint must be oil free.
  • All other Open Class rules apply.

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