King of the Hill – How it works

King of the Hill (KoH)



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Format: King of the Hill

King of the Hill is an individual league.   You still play on a team and collect points as a team, but the roster will changes every week.   Eventually at the end of the season, one player will have the most individual points and crowned King of the Hill.


For example:

Consider you are player number 1 (YOU) and you are assigned to the GOLD team the first week.


Gold Team                          Red Team                            Blue Team

YOU                                       Player 6                                Player 11

Player 2                                Player 7                                Player 12

Player 3                                Player 8                                Player 13

Player 4                                Player 9                                Player 14

Player 5                                Player 10                              Player 15

The First week, Gold scores 60 points.   Everyone on team earns 60 points.

The second week, teams would look like:

Gold Team                          Red Team                         Blue Team

YOU                                       Player 2                             Player 3

Player 6                                Player 5                             Player 4

Player 7                                Player 8                             Player 9

Player 12                              Player 11                           Player 10

Player 13                              Player 14                          Player 15

The Second week, Gold Scores 40 Points


You would have earned over two weeks 100 Points.  ( 60 + 40 = 100)

Your Average would be 50 Points.  ( 100pts ÷ 2 weeks = 50pts)


This format encourages fair play and helps to eliminate problems and issues with low attendance.

With the summer here, many families leave for vacation and this has resulted in teams being very short players some nights.


How are you assigned to your team each week?

Based on your average points, you are assigned a ranking.  The player with the highest average points would be ranked first or number one.  Second highest two…


Teams are divided up based in order.

Gold gets player 1

Red gets player 2

Blue gets player 3 & 4

Red gets player 5

Gold gets players 6&7

And so on….


This process helps to spread out the stronger players more evenly.   Note every week, based on your teams performance your average will change and hence your ranking.

This eliminates the problems associated with “picks”.


Reffing Requirements

As we grow the league we are looking to get players experienced refereeing games.

A large part of competitive play is the officiating of the games.   This will expose players to what is expected of refs.  It will also help players understand why some rules are written the way they are. We hope it will help players appreciate the effort required to do a good job of making calls.

We also know from experience that by refereeing games, young players watch more and quite simply learn more.

There will still be Lockdown Players (our in house tournament team) there to guide and help them on field.

All Players are expected to referee up to five games per night.

For example; while Gold and Blue team play each other, the Red team will referee.   While Blue and Red play, Gold refs and so on…


If you have any more question please do not hesitate to call Jeff


905 837-9494