Winter Schedule

Winter Paintball Break OutShoot Your Friends this Winter!

We are open all winter long!  Combat Games are just as fun in the Winter as they are in the warmer weather. Simply dress as you would for any other outdoor winter activity you will have a blast.  Infact the snow adds a whole new element of excitement to the games.  Dress in white and give yourself that competitive advantage.


Gloves and Hats are essential for a fun day.

Our schedule for the winter months is 11am to 4pm on the following days:

Dates* PaintBall MicroBall AirSoft
Sat Nov 11
Sun Nov 12
Sat Nov 18
Sat Nov 25
Sat Dec 2
Sat Dec 9
Sat Dec 16
Sat Dec 23
Tues Dec 26
Thurs Dec 28
Sat Dec 30
Sat Jan 13
Sat Jan 20
Sat Jan 27
Sat Feb 3
Sat Feb 10
Mon Feb 19 – Fam Day
Sat Feb 24
Sat Mar  2
Sat Mar 9
Tues Mar 12
Thurs Mar 14
Sat Mar 16
Sun Mar 17

*If the forecast for Pickering is colder than -10* degrees Celsius at 12:00pm the day of play existing bookings will be rescheduled and no games will be run.  

Looking for a time outside of our regular hours not a problem we have options available.  Give our reservation experts a call at 905-837-9494 and they can find a time slot that works best for your group.


Camo still works in the Winter. Winter Camo is best though!



 Rental Packages
   Renter Basic $40  Rifle, Mask, 100 Shots, 3 Hours
   Renter Recon $60  Rifle, Mask, 500 Shots, 3 Hours
   Renter Commando $70  Rifle, Mask, 500 Shots, 3 Hours & Uniform & Ammo Belt
 Owner Packages
   Gun Owner Basic $30 Entry, Air, 200 Shots, Play all day
   Gun Owner Recon $40 Entry, Air, 500 Shots, Play all day
   Gun Owner Super Saver $90 Entry, Air, 2000 Shots, Play all day



  Uniform (Camo Top) $ 5.00   Sniper Barrel $ 5.00
  Coveralls $ 8.00   Combat Rifle $10.00
  Body Armour $ 5.00   Combat Sniper Rifle $15.00
  Neck Armour $ 2.00   Smoke Grenade $10.00
  Thermal Vision $ 10.00   Paint Grenade $10.00


HPA and CO2

  100 Paintballs $10.00   HPA (per 1000psi) $ FREE
  500 Paintballs $40.00
  2000 Paintballs $140.00



3765 North Road, Pickering, ON